Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Discount sticker Printing

Last year for Brianne Freeride 2014 we ordered stickers from Discount Sticker Printing​ The service was fast and the stickers were of high quality for a cheap price. The guys were very helpful when it came to designing the stickers. 5 Star company that has free delivery on orders over 50 pounds which is another reason i would recommend them

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Signup open & early signup raffle.

Morning all you lot out there, Timmy here from DAS Industries. I'm sponsoring this event in a number of ways, partly getting the signup system going  (check out the signup tab up top). so head on over and sign up early.

Your incentive for this is.... if you've signed and paid up by (edit:) now the 18th of August, you're in for a chance to win a ticket to Hogtoberfest! Event expenses always go out before the big day so your early signups mean a lot to event organisers in making sure they're not too deep into their overdrafts making these events happen.

While you're morning-ing around on the internet procrastinating, check out the other event sponsors as well!

Happy Wednesday everyone,


Friday, 20 June 2014

Brianne Freeride 2014

Brianne Freeride 2014 is an exciting Downhill Skateboarding Event taking place in the beautiful welsh countryside around Llandovery.
Over the 30th and 31st of august there will be an Action packed Weekend with racing for the Brave. The road is closed over 2 days.  The road is about as long as the Hog Hill track ( 500-600metres) but features two really tight corners and a steep gradient meaning fast tight racing is guaranteed. We have Ordered 100 hay bales to cover the corners and safety is a priority (Full Face required for racing) 
Vandem Freeride usually takes place over the August bank holiday weekend but this year due to Road surface conditions it will not be going forward. This is the perfect replacement to have a weekend of fun. 
Have a look around the event page to see our sponsors, a Raw run of the hill, the location,Details and to register and pay for the event. 
Dangerous Decks Mini-Moto
It is possible to stay Friday night camping in the land either side but  Please contact the Event organisers so we can get a rough idea of numbers. 


10:00 Arrival and Register on site. Track open as soon as you have registered.Freeride all day 
18:00 BBQ and the road remains closed so riding continues until dark. 

09:00-Track opens and Sign up opens
11:00 Race Signup closes
12:00 Heats start for Groms,Luge and Longboarders 
15:00 Semi finals and the Final of the WRC 
16:00 Finals and if there is time more freeride 
17:00 Prizes and then the event is over

Any questions,Special Requirements, Allergies, Lack of a way of getting there and special diets please feel free to contact the event organiser (Tom Campbell)
Thanks and see you on the hill!